Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachios

Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachios: Flavor and Health Meet One of the most special flavors of the dried fruit world, Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachio is ready...

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Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachios: Flavor and Health Meet

One of the most special flavors of the dried fruit world, Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachio is ready to add color to your tables with its taste and health benefits. This unique pistachio variety, which is unique to Siirt province, offers many benefits to your body while cheering up your palate with its salty and roasted properties.

Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachios

What is Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachio?

Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachio is a special type of peanut that grows in the Southeastern region of Turkey, especially in the province of Siirt. Naturally grown and carefully collected pistachio kernels are roasted using traditional methods and flavored with light salt. This process allows the peanut to preserve its nutritional values ​​while highlighting its flavor.

Taste and Health Together

Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachios are the perfect choice for those looking for healthy snack options. The healthy fats, protein, fiber and a number of important minerals in its content play an important role in meeting the nutrients your body needs. In addition, thanks to the natural antioxidants in its content, it protects your cells against free radicals, supports your immune system and contributes to your general health.

Short Roasted Siirt Pistachio

Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachio offers an alternative that will add joy to your tables with its unique taste and healthy content. This special pistachio variety, which is an indispensable choice for those looking for healthy snacks, is waiting for you on our online sales site. Give Siirt pistachio a chance to discover one of the most beautiful gifts of nature and experience a taste that suits your taste!

Roasted Salted Siirt Pistachios

Production of Siirt Pistachio

Siirt pistachio is a kind of pistachio that grows in Siirt province of Turkey. Siirt pistachio grows in mountainous areas with low humidity and high temperature. This peanut is very popular due to both its flavor and health benefits.

Siirt pistachio is a plant that requires special cultivation techniques. In Siirt, special techniques are used to harvest the pistachio tree. The harvested peanuts are processed with special processing techniques to obtain peanut kernels.

Type: Cookie

Calorie Information :

There are 572 calories in 100 grams.

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