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Olive Oil: The Healthy Fat Option Olive oil is a healthy type of oil that has been used in the Mediterranean region for many years....

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Olive Oil: The Healthy Fat Option

Olive oil is a healthy type of oil that has been used in the Mediterranean region for many years. Obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, this oil provides many benefits in terms of both taste and health. In this article, we explain in detail everything you need to know about olive oil.

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is an oil obtained by squeezing olives, the fruit of the olive tree. The oil obtained after squeezing olives is called olive oil. This oil has been used for many years, especially in the Mediterranean region.

Olive Oil Types

Olive oil is divided into different varieties according to the processing methods. Here are the types of olive oil:

  1. Natural Olive Oil: It is the oil obtained by squeezing olives. No chemicals are used in the processing process and are obtained by natural methods.

  2. Riviera Olive Oil: In addition to natural olive oil, the acid rate of olive oil is lowered by a temperature-controlled process after the squeezing process. Thus, a more delicious olive oil is obtained.

  3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It is the highest quality olive oil obtained as a result of squeezing olives. Its acid rate is less than 1% and it is obtained by natural methods.

Using Olive Oil: An Ideal Option for Delicious and Healthy Meals

Olive oil has a very important place in terms of healthy oil consumption. Olive oil, which stands out with its high antioxidant content and taste, has many properties that can be used in different dishes. In this article, we explain in detail everything you need to know about using olive oil.

  1. Cooking Methods

Olive oil is an ideal oil for cooking. It not only enhances its flavor, but is also preferred because it is a healthy fat option. Olive oil can be used instead of other oils used in cooking. However, some nutrients in olive oil can be lost when used at high heat. Therefore, even if olive oil is preferred, care should be taken in cooking at high temperatures.

  1. Salad Dressings

Olive oil is an ideal oil for salad dressings. Not only does it add flavor to salads, it is also preferred because it is a healthy option. Delicious salad dressings can be prepared by combining different spices with ingredients such as lemon juice and vinegar.

  1. Marinated Meats and Fish

Olive oil is an ideal oil for marinating meats and fish. A delicious marinade can be obtained by adding ingredients such as garlic, lemon juice and salt to olive oil while marinating.

  1. Pastries

Olive oil can also be used for pastries. Olive oil, which is especially preferred for pizza dough making, is a delicious and healthy alternative.

Olive oil can be spread on bread. In this way, a healthy snack is obtained

Gaziantep Olive Oil This special olive oil is obtained by early harvesting from the centuries-old trees of the Belkıs Euphrates River region in Gaziantep and squeezing the best selection of olives on the sieve at 26 degrees in traditional methods. It is the extra virgin olive oil obtained by double washing and squeezing immediately after the green olives plucked from the branch before they are fully ripened. In this type of production, the taste, aroma, smell and vitamins of the olive fruit are felt more sharply. You can use it with peace of mind, especially in salads and cold delicacies, as well as in all your hot and cold dishes. In the production of Early Harvest Cold Pressed Olive Oil, 1 kilo of olive oil is obtained from an average of 7-8 kilos of olives.

Olive oil

How to recognize the genuineness of olive oil?

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