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Panacea: Carob Carob, which is one of the oldest plant species on earth, is of great importance in terms of strengthening the immune system, as...

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Panacea: Carob

Carob, which is one of the oldest plant species on earth, is of great importance in terms of strengthening the immune system, as it contains high levels of antioxidant substances as well as rich nutritional content. The benefits, uses and shapes of carob, known as 'carob' among the people, do not end with counting. Since carob is naturally sweet, it is perfect for sweet cravings!

Dry Goat Horn

Carob, which is high in fiber, rich in antioxidants, low in fat and sugar, and is a caffeine-free and gluten-free food source, can easily be added to the daily diet in powder form, as a snack, with syrup, extract or pills. The peels can be consumed wet or dry. You can grind the carob bark and seeds, cook it with powdered milk and honey as if you were making coffee with milk, or you can consume it by making molasses.

Type: Dried Fruit

Dry Goat Horn

Carob with All Known Benefits!

  • It is a rich source of nutrients with potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and iron minerals.
  • Carob, which is a natural antibiotic with its antioxidant feature, is beneficial for cardiovascular health. It has the feature of cleaning the blood and removing vascular blockages.
  • Carob, which is good for increasing asthma attacks and bronchitis in winter, is very effective even against severe coughs. It is an expectorant, thereby reducing coughing.
  • It also provides positive effects on the intestine and digestive system, prevents constipation. It is effective in the treatment of diseases such as intestinal worms and intestinal parasites.
  • Due to the fibers it contains, it has a protective feature of the digestive system in general and it is known that it helps to lose weight with its rich fiber content.
  • Carob is an incredible energy store in general, on the other hand, it also has the feature of increasing sexual power.
  • It is rich in calcium and is very beneficial for bone health. It is known that carob has positive effects on bone development of children because it contains high levels of calcium, and it also has important contributions against osteoporosis in the elderly.
  • It has preventive and therapeutic properties against various allergic diseases.
  • Carob, known as the most well-known treatment method of colds, strengthens the immune system. Thanks to this feature, it protects the body against colds.
  • It adds energy to sexual life. Carob is a complete source of energy. It has been observed that it increases the amount of sperm in men by increasing sexual power.
  • It cleans the internal organs and ensures the removal of heavy metals and radiation from the body. Cleanses the liver, lungs and intestines.
  • It is good for bloating, it relieves the stomach by removing the swelling in the stomach.
  • It reduces the harms of smoking, cleans the lung and reduces the risk of developing lung cancer.
  • It helps you to have a white smile naturally; It strengthens the gums and whitens the teeth if used regularly.
  • It is effective in the treatment of anemia , especially carob molasses is good for anemia with its vitamin E content. Carob is very useful especially in babies with anemia complaints, it can be given to babies on an empty stomach.
  • Carob fights diabetes. It reduces bad cholesterol by regulating blood sugar, and in this respect, it acts as an important antioxidant against diabetes. In addition, carob is useful for preventing fatigue and constant sleepiness caused by diabetes.
  • It is a good alternative for chocolate consumption; It contains twice as much calcium as cocoa. It is a healthy alternative that can respond to sweet cravings.