Special Sausage with Walnut

In Turkey, walnut sausage can be called by different names in different regions. Walnut sausage, also known as Orcik, Köme, Bandırma, Maraş sausage, is exported...

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In Turkey, walnut sausage can be called by different names in different regions. Walnut sausage, also known as Orcik, Köme, Bandırma, Maraş sausage, is exported to the USA, Iraq, Germany and other European countries. Walnut sausage is known to give energy to the person. It provides this energy thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains. Here are all the details about the walnut sausage;

Walnut sausage

What are the Benefits of Sausage with Walnut?

  • Walnut sausage is rich in vitamins B, C, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium and fiber.
  • Thanks to its healthy nutritional elements, the contents of the walnut sausage provide great benefits to the human body. Walnut sausage is often preferred by athletes as it provides high energy.
  • In addition, walnut sausage is a food recommended by experts to contribute to children's bone development and vitamin values.
  • Walnut sausage is a food that can be consumed by pregnant women with peace of mind.
  • Walnut sausage, which is good for oral and dental health with its calcium content, is also extremely beneficial for the joint and nervous system.
  • It is possible to provide some of the daily iron needs of people with anemia due to iron deficiency with walnut sausage.
  • Walnut sausage helps to eliminate problems such as weakness, exhaustion and forgetfulness caused by anemia.

Can Walnut Sausage be Eaten on a Diet?

One serving of walnut sausage has 285 calories. Therefore, it is important to consume walnut sausage in moderation during the diet. However, walnut sausage helps to speed up metabolism, provide satiety for a long time and give more energy while doing sports due to the beneficial nutrients it contains. Thus, you can consume walnut sausage with peace of mind by providing portion control in between meals while dieting.

How to Make Walnut Sausage?

In addition to its wonderful taste, walnut sausage is an extremely simple and fun food to make. You can easily make walnut sausage with ingredients found in almost every home. Although walnut sausage can sometimes be made with honey, making it using molasses will be more effective in terms of both health and taste. The walnut sausage ingredients are as follows;

Half a kilo of walnut kernels

· 3 cups of molasses

4 glasses of drinking water

Half a glass of flour

Half a glass of starch

Half a glass of sugar

· Quilt string


· First of all, start the process by making a mixture of walnut sausage with molasses.

· Add molasses, water, flour and sugar in a saucepan.

· Mix with a little whisk and add the starch that you dissolved with water into the pot.

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