How to understand good, quality baklava?

How to understand good, quality baklava?

When you think of baklava , Gaziantep comes to mind. Levent Aktaş, Chairman of the Board of Gaziantep Baklavaları , which has been operating in the sector for more than 30 years in Gaziantep, where the world's most delicious baklava is produced, gave "sweet" tips and warned about how quality baklava should be.


Levent Aktaş said, “The color of baklava should be golden yellow,” and continued: “The color of baklava coming out of the oven should be golden yellow. But not everyone can understand the quality by looking at the image. Besides the image, When the baklava box is opened or served with a plate, the amount and color of the pistachio should be noticed immediately. It should have lots of pistachio in the middle. The thickness of the bottom and top should be adjusted very well. The clarified butter used, that is, melted, strained butter, must be natural. The lightness of the oil should be felt when tasting the baklava . Because the palate is infallible, it immediately recognizes the difference.”


Emphasizing that the raw materials used for quality baklava should be natural and of high quality, and then the craftsmanship should be first class, Aktaş stated that the sugar used in baklava is also very important. Aktaş said, “The sugar used in the production of baklava must be natural sugar. If the baklava does not soften and does not lose its color when the tuner waits for 3-4 days, it means that unnatural sugar such as glucose has been used in this baklava. We use natural sugar in the production of baklava. For this reason, it is sweetened from the 3rd or 4th day. The conscious customer is aware of this. However, if we add additives, it does not change at all even after 10 days, it looks like the first day. Although the view is beautiful, when you eat a slice, you realize that it is not real baklava.

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