Which Pistachio is used in cake making?

Which Pistachio is used in cake making?

The types of pistachios used in making cakes at home are White Pistachios , Rice Pistachios , Filed Pistachios and Powdered Pistachios (Flour Pistachios). Bird shit is generally used in the cake to be made with peanuts. Bird shit Peanut in the cake is the indispensable choice of cake masters with the aroma and flavor it adds to the cake.

Kushboku Peanut

In cake decoration, the type of pistachios used is Powder (Flour Pistachios), Rice Pistachios and Filed Pistachios. You can access these products on our website under the Pastry Products - Pistachio category. Filleted Pistachios are sliced ​​horizontally and are an indispensable product of the masters both for decoration and taste. Rice Pistachios, like Net Pistachios, are considered both ornamental and delicious. Net Pistachio product is lower in aroma than Rice Pistachio product because it comes into contact with a certain amount of water or steam using a humidifier. The product is dried at room temperature in an industrial oven or on trays suitable for health and food use.

Filleted Pistachios

If you share the pictures of the cakes you will make with Pistachio products with us, we will publish them on our Instagram and Facebook accounts and share the Best Cake of the Month and its recipe. Share your skills with us to take part in this event.

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