Which Pistachio is used in making baklava?

Which Pistachio is used in making baklava?

Pistachio is an ingredient commonly used in making baklava. Pistachio is a kind of pistachio that grows in the Southeastern region of Turkey and is world famous. Baklava is one of the most popular desserts in Turkish cuisine and there are many different varieties traditionally made with pistachios.

Powdered Pistachios

Pistachio is used especially in the filling of baklava. Pistachio sprinkled between the layers of baklava or used in the stuffing adds a unique flavor and touch to the dessert. Pistachios make the dessert richer, tastier and visually appealing.


Pistachios, which are used in making baklava, are generally used in peeled and pounded form. It can be used whole or in large pieces. Traditionally, pistachios are the preferred ingredient for baklava because it stands out for its unique aroma and flavor.


Pistachio is used not only as a flavor ingredient in baklava but also as a decorative element to dessert. The crushed pistachios sprinkled on the baklava add visual appeal and variety to the dessert.


Pistachios are used in many different desserts and foods besides baklava. Especially in Turkish cuisine, it is a frequently preferred material in desserts, confectionery, cakes and other pastries.

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