Toothpicks - What is Stick Pistachio?

Toothpicks - What is Stick Pistachio?

Toothpick - Stick Pistachio: A work of art from Pistachio!

Toothpick - Stick Pistachios are made ready for processing by separating the inner pistachios from their membrane. The peeled, inner peanuts are turned into shaks and sliced. Toothpick Pistachio is the most expensive and costly type of Pistachio.

toothpick Pistachio

Toothpick - Stick Pistachios: Difficult yet Delicious!

Toothpick Pistachios are generally preferred in the chocolate industry for decoration and taste. Toothpick Pistachio is a type of Pistachio whose production phase requires a laborious and intensive work process.

Toothpick Pistachio

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