Pistachio Harvest Period

Pistachio Harvest Period

When is the Pistachio Harvest Period?

The farmers, who started the harvest of the product known as "grey pistachio " and used in making baklava in mid-August , are trying to collect "red-shelled" pistachios at the beginning of September . Farmers, who go to work in the early hours of the morning, collect peanuts until the evening .

How to harvest pistachios?

Pistachio harvesting is done by a special group of workers shaking the trees by hand using shakers, which is a long process. The fruits fall on the shawls laid under the tree before the harvest. Then the fruits are piled up and in this way fallen leaves, broken fruits and shoots are removed - sifting is done. After this, or after a maximum of 10-12 hours, the fruits are laid on a cloth in a cool place and the skins of the fruits must be removed, otherwise the quality of the fruit will be affected.

What is the yield of Pistachio tree?

On average, a Pistachio tree usually bears fruit from its fourth or fifth year of age. Yield amount of young trees generally varies between almost 1-2 kg of dried pistachios or 2.5 to 5 kg of fresh pistachios per tree. A medium yield requires 7-10 years. Yield at this age ranges from 6 to 10 kg of dried pistachios or 15-25 kg of fresh pistachio fruits per tree. The trees have a high fruiting period of 12-14 years, so a healthy and well-maintained Pistachio tree can yield 15kg of dried fruit or 37.5kg of fresh fruit, or even more.

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