What is Gray Pistachio?

What is Gray Pistachio?

Gray Pistachio can be named according to the preference of the producer companies. Some manufacturers can name Bird Shit as Pistachio, Boz 1st Quality. Bird shit Pistachio is the best quality version of Boz domestic type. In other words, with the words of the companies, it is stated as Boz 1st Quality or Bird Shit Pistachio.

If we evaluate it as an example, the image of Company A's 1st Quality Boz inside, Bird shit Pistachio, is as follows.

Bird Shit Peanut

Companies can create quality according to their customer base. Each company has its own quality standards. This is the product that Company A states as 1. Quality. Let's come to the 2nd quality gray kernel pistachio of Company A;

Brown Pistachio 2nd Quality

The product you see in the top image is the 2nd Quality Gray Pistachio of Company A. The product is more pinkish and reddish than 1st Quality Gray Pistachio. The rate of redness is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of the product.

This is the quality standard of Company A. Other companies can sell the 2nd Quality Gray Pistachio Pistachio of Company A as 1st Quality. This takes shape according to the consumer's preference.

You can reach the white inner Bird shit Pistachio via our website, add it to your cart and shop. You can reach other products of Gray Pistachio (Bird shit Pistachio) from the Pistachio category of the pastry industry and use them in the manufacture of Cake and Baklava.

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