Importance of Turkish Delight in Holidays!

Importance of Turkish Delight in Holidays!

Lokum is one of the indispensable desserts of Turkish cuisine and is frequently consumed especially during holidays. The importance of Turkish delight is revealed once again on the days when relatives and friends are visited and love and respect are shared during the holidays.

Turkish delight was also very popular during the Ottoman Empire and was frequently used in palace cuisine. At that time, Turkish delight was also given as a gift on special occasions. Today, Turkish delight is consumed especially during Islamic holidays such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Offering Turkish delight on holiday visits is an expression of love and respect.

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The place of Turkish delight in Turkish cuisine is very important. Traditionally, Turkish delight is known as a sweet dessert and is often flavored with nuts such as almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts. There are also varieties of Turkish delight made with different fruits. Delights made with fruits such as rose, orange and lemon are very popular.

The importance of Turkish delight during holidays is not only as a sweet food, but also as a social indicator. Offering Turkish delight on holiday visits is a way to show your family, friends and neighbors how much you care. Lokum can help you create a warm and friendly atmosphere and contribute to the festive atmosphere.

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As a result, Turkish Delight is very important in the feast and is a part of Turkish culture. It is an important custom that reflects values ​​such as love, respect and tolerance. Lokum is also one of Turkey's sources of pride and is known as a world-renowned flavor.

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