Where is Meverdi Stuffed Pistachio used?

Where is Meverdi Stuffed Pistachio used?

Müverdi stuffed Pistachio White core It is a second quality product used as Pistachio stuffed after the birdcage type. Müverdi Stuffed Pistachio is generally used actively in patisseries and chocolate industry. Müverdi Stuffed Pistachio has a higher oil content than the bird's-eye type. Müverdi İç Pistachio adds a delicious flavor to pistachio cakes with its reha.

Meverdi stuffed Pistachio

Pistachio Pistachio is a type that can be evaluated as the 2nd quality after Bird Boku. Patisserie establishments may prefer this type of baklava to the baklava they produce, but the greenery ratio will be lower than the Kuşboku type.

In general, Müverdi Stuffed Pistachio is preferred in the production of Filet Pistachio and Rice Pistachio .

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