Cheapest Nuts

Cheapest Nuts

The cheapest dried nut varieties can be categorized as Chickpeas and varieties, Corn and varieties, Seeds and varieties. Chickpeas are cheaper than Luxury Nuts varieties in terms of cost. Luxury Nuts variety consists of Pistachio, Almond, Hazelnut and Cashew.

Gravy Corn

Types of Nuts that can be purchased at the most affordable price

Nuts are popular snacks because of their taste and health benefits. People prefer not to compromise on taste and to eat healthy by looking for alternatives that fit their budget. Here are the cheapest types of nuts:

  1. Chickpeas Types: Chickpeas are an economical nut option. There are different varieties such as shelled, unshelled or crispy chickpeas. It has a high protein and fiber content, and also provides a feeling of satiety and meets the need for snacks.

  2. Roasted Chickpeas: Roasted chickpeas are a delicious and affordable alternative. Roasted chickpeas prepared by flavoring with spices are preferred as a delicious snack.

  3. Sunflower Seed Varieties: Shelled or crispy sunflower seeds are an economical option. Pumpkin seeds are also an affordable alternative. They provide a feeling of satiety with the fiber and healthy fats they contain.

  4. Corn Varieties: Corn is an economical and delicious snack. Salty or spicy corn is preferred as a movie and snack.

  5. Almond: Almond may be priced a little higher, but considering the health benefits it provides, it can be considered an economical option. It is nutritious due to the vitamins, minerals and healthy fats it contains.

Cheapest Nuts Consumed in Turkey

Turkey consumes various types of nuts with its rich cuisine. Among these species, the economical ones are:

  1. Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are an economical and delicious snack. It is preferred raw or roasted. It is nutritious with the fiber and minerals it contains.

  2. Raisins: Raisins offer both a sweet snack and intense nutritional value at an affordable price. It provides energy with its fiber and natural sugar content.

  3. Hazelnut: Hazelnut, one of Turkey's most popular nuts, is preferred for its affordable price. It is nutritious with its fiber, protein and healthy fat content.

  4. Pistachio: Pistachio, which is produced especially in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, is an economical snack for the people of the region. It is high in protein, fiber and vitamins.

  5. Dried Figs: Dried figs are preferred as an energy source with their affordable prices and natural sugar content. It is also rich in fiber.

  6. Chickpeas: Chickpeas are an affordable nut offered by street vendors. It provides a feeling of satiety with its protein and fiber content.

Do not forget that it is important to pay attention to portion control and variety in the consumption of nuts. It is possible to obtain healthy and economical snacks with affordable nuts.


Seed varieties, especially Sunflower Seeds, come first among the most preferred and consumed Nuts in our country, since they are both beneficial to the human body and the cheapest kernel variety. Pumpkin Seeds are considered the most expensive product among the seeds.

The cheapest Dried Nuts we have compiled for you are listed in this way. You can reach these Nuts varieties on our website, add them to the basket and buy them in the amount you want.

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