How Does a Cashew Tree Grow?

How Does a Cashew Tree Grow?

How Does a Cashew Tree Grow?

Cashew trees, which remain green for all four seasons and are generally tall, bloom in clusters. These flowers are called cashew fruit, and the seeds of the fruit are called cashews, which we mostly consume as nuts.

The cashew tree grows in warm and tropical environments. Sandy soils are ideal for growing cashews. Fresh cashew seeds are required to grow a cashew tree. The cashew seeds that germinate in a short time are first planted in the pot. It is extremely important to keep the cashew seeds planted in the ground after they have grown in a pot and kept moist in the first days. Cashew seeds that are kept moist start to germinate in 4 or 5 days.

Where Does the Cashew Tree Grow?

Cashew is a plant that loves hot weather and tropical climate. Cashew was introduced to the world by the Portuguese who invaded Brazil in the 16th century. The places where cashew grows naturally are generally the South America region. Different types of cashews are found in the Caribbean, Central America and northern South America. However, the homeland of cashews is Brazil.

Where is the Cashew Tree Grown and Cultivated in Turkey?

Cashew tree is a plant that requires an average temperature of 25 degrees. Regions with a temperature of 10 to 40 degrees are suitable for cashew cultivation. Cashew is a tree that is very difficult to cultivate in Turkey. Therefore, cashews are imported in our country.

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