How to understand Quality Roasted Pistachios?

How to understand Quality Roasted Pistachios?

The points to be considered in quality Pistachio may vary according to the taste, aroma, caliber and crack rate it gives to your palate. Perfect Pistachio goes through all these stages. The flavor can vary according to the freshness of the product and can be evaluated according to the skill of the roasting master. It can be weighed and analyzed on precision balances of calibrated 100 grams. 2021 crop best quality Roasted Salted Pistachios 110-115 pieces / 100 grams. The closed rate of the product should be maximum 2%. Depending on the preference of the companies, the closed rate can be 0%. Manufacturers have policies to set prices according to the caliber and the cost of the product .

Quality Roasted Pistachios

The most important factor determining the Quality Roasted Pistachio is the number of pieces. Other factors can be shaped according to flavor, aroma, crack rate. Salted Pistachio produced from Dried Red Pistachio is preferred more because of its naturalness and maturity. Dried Red type Pistachio has not lost any nutritional value because it is dried naturally. Nutritional values ​​will vary due to heat and moisture loss during the roasting stage.

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