Nuts and Dried Fruit products :

Nuts and Dried Fruit products : aims to keep the 15% commission you pay to the marketplace platforms in the Nuts and Dried Fruit category in your pocket. You pay a commission because you receive a service of 45 TL on the marketplace platform where you make a purchase of 300 TL . Since market place sellers pay a commission to the platform where they sell 15%, they add this rate to the consumer who buys the product and determines the price of the product.

The aim of our website and our company is to provide commission-free price service in the Nuts and Dried Fruit category, which we dominate in the field, and aim to return the 15% commission rate you pay to the market places as a product, and to keep this rate in your pocket. The most important factor that nuts consumers pay attention to is price, quality and continuity. The most important factor is that the consumer is informed of the product ordered during the Order, Cargo and delivery stages. If you want to evaluate this platform, which we have created with the aim of satisfying the consumer, you can add products to your cart, see the payment options and create an order.

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