Bird Shit What is Peanut? What is it used for?

Bird Shit What is Peanut? What is it used for?

Bird Shit Pistachio: The Indispensable Taste of Baklava

Baklava is one of the most loved desserts of Turkish cuisine, and pistachios are an important ingredient to complement this delicious dessert. Pistachio is grown in Gaziantep and its surroundings and is especially used in making baklava. While this delicious pistachio enhances the taste and aroma of baklava, it also stands out as a healthy and nutritious snack.

Pistachio is one of the main ingredients used in making baklava. This pistachio, which is sprinkled between the baklava dough, adds a unique aroma and flavor to the baklava. Pistachios have a smaller, sweeter and more aromatic flavor unlike other pistachio varieties. These features add a unique taste and aromatic flavor to baklava.


Pistachios are grown in the Gaziantep region of Turkey and are consumed as a popular Pastry Product throughout the world. Pistachio, which is used in making baklava, is famous for its quality and aroma. Pistachios used in making baklava are carefully selected and specially processed. These careful processing methods preserve the flavor and quality of pistachios.

While enhancing the unique taste and aroma of baklava, it also stands out as a healthy and nutritious snack. Pistachio, one of the unique flavors of Gaziantep, continues to be popular around the world.

Bird Shit Pistachio

What Is Bird Shit Inside Pistachio?

Bird Shit Pistachio differs from other pistachio varieties with its shell and interior. The bark is light-colored and the interior is lighter in color. Other pistachio varieties are generally characterized by darker shells and darker interiors. Gray Pistachio is distinguished from other varieties with its unique appearance and taste.

Bird Shit Pistachios contain high levels of protein, fiber and healthy fats. With these features, it is often preferred as a healthy snack in diets. It also contains antioxidants and other health benefits.

Bird poop Pistachio It is the first preferred product in the baklava industry in confectionery products due to its richness in flavor and aroma. Bird poop type Pistachio is an early harvest product. The first product to grow on the tree in August is the Boz type pistachio. After this product is collected from the tree by the farmers, it is brought to the Pistachio farms and separated from the outer shell and leaf. After the separation process is done, it is laid on the exhibition area for 48 or 72 hours and dried by natural means. After the drying process is finished, the product is preferably placed in sacks of 70 kilograms and delivered to the farmer. The product received as Kavlak is offered for sale in line with the financial needs of the farmer, and whatever the market of the day is, it is evaluated in terms of weight and color, and price determination is made.

Why is bird poop peanut type preferred?

Bird poop is pistachio green in color and very rich in aroma. The most valuable product in the Pistachio type is Bird shit. This product is consumed as Pistachio Powder or Rice Pistachio by milling machines. Baklava masters prefer Bird shit Pistachio.

Bird Shit Peanut Products

Bird Shit Where Can I Buy Peanuts?

You can find bird poop pistachios in the Pistachio sub-category under the Pastry category on our website. You can add any amount you want to your cart and create an order.

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