Local Goods Week Nuts and Dried Fruits recommendation

Local Goods Week Nuts and Dried Fruits recommendation

Turkey is an agricultural country rich in diversity thanks to its climate and soil structure. This feature enables our country to host a variety of delicious and healthy locally produced nuts and dried fruits. Turkish cuisine combines traditional tastes with modern life, offering rich options in terms of both taste and health.

What is Domestic Goods Week?

Local Products Week is an event where all our children share local products with their friends at school. We have compiled Local Nut Products for you. We wanted to draw attention to the fact that the local Nuts and Dried Fruit products that will be preferred during the Local Products Week are produced in Turkey.

Locally Produced Nuts and Dried Fruit Varieties of the Regions

  • Roasted Pistachios

    Pistachios are a treasure of flavor grown in the southeast of Turkey, especially in the Gaziantep region. Thin-shelled and plump pistachios are known as a snack rich in protein, fiber and healthy fat. It can also be used in various sweet and salty dishes, contributing to the creation of flavors unique to our cuisine.

    Roasted Pistachios
    • Roasted Siirt Pistachios

      Siirt pistachio is a type of pistachio that grows and is famous in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, especially in the province of Siirt. Siirt pistachios are known for their special taste and quality and are generally consumed like pistachios. Thin-shelled, large and delicious Siirt pistachios are used in various desserts, baklava, halva, ice cream and other snacks in Turkish cuisine.

      Roasted Siirt Pistachios
      • Hazelnut

      Hazelnut is a type of dried nut that is grown intensively in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, especially in provinces such as Ordu, Giresun and Samsun, and is famous throughout the world. Turkey accounts for a large portion of the world's hazelnut production, and hazelnuts are a valuable food that is widely used in Turkish and world cuisines.

      hazelnut kernel
      • Roasted chickpea

      This product, produced by adding value in places where chickpeas are produced in our country, is a local and national product.

      roasted chickpea-sari
      • Dried apricots

      Dried apricots are a type of dried fruit grown especially in the Malatya region of Turkey and known throughout the world. Malatya is known as a region called "dried apricot paradise" and the apricots grown here have a special flavor profile and nutritional value.

      Dried apricots
      • Dry fig

      Turkish fig, grown in the Aegean Region, is famous throughout the world. Dried fig is a very nutritious dried fruit in terms of fiber, vitamins and minerals it contains. In addition to being a source of energy with its sweet and natural sugar content, it also contributes to the digestive system.

      Dry fig
      • Raisins

      Raisin is a dried fruit obtained from grape species, especially grapes or bunches of grapes, and produced by drying most of the juice. Turkey is famous for the grapes grown especially in the Aegean Region, in provinces such as Aydın, Manisa and Izmir. Raisins contain natural sugar and are preferred to provide energy.


      Different climatic conditions and soil structure in every region of Turkey allow the cultivation of various flavors and nutrients. Locally produced nuts and dried fruits are among the indispensable parts of traditional Turkish cuisine and are important snacks that support a healthy lifestyle. These products play an important role in both supporting the local economy and adopting healthy eating habits.

      The products you can choose during the Domestic Products week are listed as follows.
      You can order the products you like from our website kuryemis.com by liking the products and adding them to the cart.

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