What is Rice Pistachio? What to do with Rice Pistachio?

What is Rice Pistachio? What to do with Rice Pistachio?

Rice Pistachio is actively used in making Baklava, Cake, Chocolate. It is the only choice of the organizations serving in this sector due to the taste and appearance it adds to the products. Rice Pistachio is made from Gray Pistachio or Müverdi Pistachio. It has the possibility to calibrate 2-4 mm or 3-5 mm. Rice Pistachio consists of small Pistachios piece by piece.


The rice you see in the image is the best quality of Pistachio. In the production of Rice Pistachio, Müverdi Pistachio Stuff and Gray Pistachio Stuff can be made according to the preference of the consumer and according to the quality of the product. The aroma and flavor that it leaves in the mouth due to its being alive in pieces offers a great taste pleasure to the consumers.

Rice Pistachio Chocolate
An image of the Rice Pistachio used in the production of bar chocolate produced in the Chocolate Industry. Rice Pistachio here adds a great quality to the product both in terms of taste and visual.

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