Pistachio: Uses and Sectors

Pistachio: Uses and Sectors

Pistachio is a nut that is frequently consumed, especially in Turkey. However, it finds use not only in the consumer market but also in many sectors.

Pistachio Varieties
  1. Food industry

Pistachios are widely used, especially in the dessert and chocolate industry. It is included in desserts, cakes, cookies and many other sweet products. In addition, peanut butter, peanut oil and peanut flour are also used in the food industry.

  1. Cosmetics Industry

Pistachio oil is a natural ingredient that helps moisturize the skin. For this reason, it also finds use in the cosmetic industry. It can be included in skin care products, hair care products and many other cosmetic products.

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry

Pistachios are a natural ingredient that provides many health benefits. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its antioxidant properties, supporting heart health and regulating blood sugar. In particular, it is known as a widely used ingredient in traditional medicine.

  1. Agriculture Sector

Pistachios are one of the most important agricultural products of Turkey. It is an important source of income in the agricultural sector and is grown by many farmers. At the same time, peanut shells and branches are also used as animal feed.

Pistachios have an important place not only in the food industry, but also in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors. Therefore, having information about the uses of peanuts and the connections between sectors is important for companies operating in these sectors.

  1. Retail Industry

Pistachios are a product frequently consumed in the retail industry. It is offered to consumers both as fresh peanuts and roasted peanuts. Additionally, packaged peanut products are also sold in markets and supermarkets.

  1. Tourism sector

Pistachios are one of the symbols of Gaziantep and have an important place in the city's tourism sector. Many restaurants and cafes in the city offer peanut-based desserts and dishes. Additionally, peanut museums in the city are among the places visited by tourists.

  1. Export Sector

Pistachios are one of Turkey's important export products. It is exported to many countries and therefore it has an important place for the Turkish economy.


Pistachio is a valuable product that finds use in many sectors. Companies operating in many sectors such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, retail, tourism and export sectors will be able to obtain maximum benefit from this product if they know the different usage areas of pistachios and the connections between sectors. Additionally, consumers' knowledge about the different uses of peanuts will help them better understand the benefits of the product.

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