Does Ashura Make You Gain Weight?

Does Ashura Make You Gain Weight?

Ashura is one of our traditional favorite desserts. It is not the kind that will pass by saying such a "sweet". It is much more than a dessert with chickpeas, beans, wheat, dried fruits and nuts. So, how innocent is our dessert, which has such a variety of ingredients and counts as a day to boil?

First of all, the first thing we need to say is “excess of everything is bad!” Whatever we consume, we need to portion it. Here, the amount of portion and the calorie and nutritional values ​​of the food taken into the body vary. In other words, when we say 1 portion of ashura, we are talking about 100 grams of ashura.

Since it is a sugar-containing food, it is still a food that should be consumed in a controlled manner during weight control. However, the fact that it is much more nutritious than many sugary foods makes it one step ahead of sweet alternatives.

Thanks to its high unsaturated fat content, higher vegetable protein and soluble fiber from nuts, it protects cardiovascular health. It can reduce constipation with its high fiber content. It gives energy thanks to the dried fruits in it.

If milk is not added, it is a very suitable dessert alternative for individuals who prefer a vegan diet. If milk is not added, Ashura does not contain cholesterol as it is prepared with plant-based foods.

The approximate calorie of 1 serving of asurea is 300.2 kcal. Although each family has different methods, it is arranged as an approximate calorie calculation. The important thing here is to consume in moderation.

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