Benefits of Roasted Pistachios

Benefits of Roasted Pistachios

In the statement on "The Effects of Pistachios on Lipid Parameters and Oxidative Status in Young Healthy Men" presented at the 34th Physiology Congress organized by Atatürk University and the Turkish Physiological Sciences Association, it was emphasized that pistachios had a preventive effect on vascular occlusion, while it was also emphasized that this effect was more than walnuts.
It has also been documented that Pistachios reduce LDL, which is called bad cholesterol, and also increase the amount of antioxidants that prevent harmful toxins to the human body.

Roasted Salted Pistachios

Pistachio Reduces Glucose Absorption in the Small Intestine and Prevents the Rise of Blood Sugar: In this respect, it is advised to eat peanuts for diabetics.
Pistachio reduces the risk of increased blood sugar with the high rate of unsaturated fat in its structure. It Does Not Contain Cholesterol, It Also Has The Effect Of Lowering The Level Of Cholesterol In The Blood: Thus, It Reduces The Risk Of Coronary Heart Failure. Prevents Fatigue in the Liver and Lowers Blood Sugar. Phosphorus and Iron Contribute to the Development of Intelligence in Children

For example, in 100 grams of Pistachio:
0 Cholesterol 500 Mg Phosphorus,
1020 Mg Potassium,
136 Mg Calcium,
158 Mg Magnesium,
5.2 Mg of Vitamin E,
7 Mg Vitamin C,
0.20 Mg Vitamin B 2,
1.45 Mg of Nicotinamide
Features : It is specially selected coarse grained.
It's Salty.
Cracked While On The Tree.
It is 98% dry because it dries in the summer sun.
It is 8.5 Caliber.

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