What is Almond Rice? What to do with Almond Rice?

What is Almond Rice? What to do with Almond Rice?

Almond Rice is consumed intensively in the Confectionery and Food industry. This Flavor, which we often encounter in pilafs, adds a great flavor to the dishes. Almond Rice, which is among the most consumed products in the Ice Cream Industry in the confectionery industry, adds Flavor and Aroma to the ice creams. Rice Almond is formed from peeled almond products by cutting into pieces of 2-4 mm or 3-5 mm depending on preference.

almond rice
You can decorate the whole confectionery product with almond rice and evaluate it in terms of giving flavor to the product you make. Recently, it has started to be consumed too much in beverages. The most important feature sought in Rice Almond is Taste, Freshness and Caliber Harmony.
Rice Almond Ice Cream

In the image above, you see an ice cream product made using rice and almonds. It is used at a high rate in the Ice Cream Industry. Calibration Harmony Adds Both Visual Order and Quality to the Product.

You can easily reach Rice and Almond Products from the Pastry-Almond Products Tab on our Kuryemis.Com address, and you can add them to your cart and create an order.

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