What is File Hazelnut? What to do with File Hazelnut?

What is File Hazelnut? What to do with File Hazelnut?

File Hazelnut is generally used extensively in the Pastry industry. Hazelnut net is made by slicing the hazelnuts horizontally. It is the indispensable choice of pastry masters due to the decoration of the products made in the pastry industry and the flavor it adds to the cake. Hazelnut net is a decorative product of confectionery products. Horizontal slicing of Net Hazelnut is carried out with industrial machines.

net nuts
The most important feature sought in File Hazelnut is Freshness and Brokenness ratio. It adds visuality and aroma to the product it is consumed.
Filet Hazelnut Pie

In the image above, you can see a Pie using File Hazelnuts. File Hazelnut, which adds visual and flavor to the cake, is known as the only choice of most pastry masters.

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