What are the Pistachios used in making Baklava?

What are the Pistachios used in making Baklava?

The type of pistachios you should use when making baklava is the Pistachio White pistachio type. The aroma of Kuşboku pistachios is very nice because they are harvested early. The breed that gives baklava its green color is Kuşboku pistachio. When purchasing this product, please note that it needs to absorb dust. If you do not have a grinder machine, please check out the other products we have compiled for you.
You can use this product as Rice Pistachios in baklava, or you can purchase products in the form of Powdered Pistachios and use them ready-made in baklava.


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If you think making baklava is a troublesome job, you can reach the delicious baklava by examining the baklava varieties we sell under the Gaziantep Baklava menu in the Local Products category that we sell through kuryemis.com.

types of pistachios inside

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