What are the healthiest nuts?

What are the healthiest nuts?

The healthiest nuts are those that have not undergone any processing. It is healthier to consume raw. Unprocessed nuts contain all the vitamins. It is healthier than roasted nuts and it will be more beneficial for a person who follows a diet to consume nuts raw.

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Roasted nuts are generally consumed as snacks. Alcohol vs. In addition to other kinds of beverages, generally roasted nuts are preferred.

If you are on a diet, our recommendation is that you consume the products raw. Considering the dietary recommendations supported by dried fruits, it is effective in the healthier functioning of the metabolism in the diet applied by the person.

As the kuryemis.com family, we recommend that you prefer products such as raw hazelnut kernels , raw almond kernels or raw shelled almonds or hazelnuts in your choice of raw nuts.

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