How to buy the most suitable nuts?

How to buy the most suitable nuts?

The most suitable nuts are purchased directly from the manufacturer's website. Marketplaces take a commission of 15%-20% from the product sold. Since it takes commission, it adds 15% to the sales price to the seller's cost. If the sale price of the product is 100 TL, when the commission is added, 115 TL is reflected to you.

The purpose of establishment of marketplaces is to gather reliable sellers under a common roof and sell their products for a certain commission. As the marketplaces attract traffic, these products are also easy to sell, and that's why Marketplaces are preferred.

The consumer should know that he pays a commission rate of 15% when buying a product. This cost is passed on to the consumer by the sellers. We get a product guarantee marketplace, but is it worth paying 15%-20% commission for it? If the question is on your mind,, which we have established in the field of dried fruits and nuts, will help you.

Our aim is to keep the 15%-20% commission rate that the consumer pays to the marketplaces in the consumer's pocket. We reduce your commission rate to 0% with the infrastructure we have created. We aim not to sell you the product that we cost 100 Turkish Liras for 115 Turkish Liras, but to offer quality products for 100 TL and keep 15 Turkish Liras in your pocket.

Our basic principle is to satisfy our consumers with the most suitable nuts prices in this way, which we set out with the understanding of Quality Service and reasonable prices. As the family, we would like to thank the dried nuts consumers who always keep us at the forefront of their preferences.

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