Nuts sales from the factory

Nuts sales from the factory

Founded in Gaziantep, has 100% own production in the field of Pistachio. The 100% chain of the production line is offered from the farmer to the consumer. It is a supplier of other nuts products.


It aims to offer the best quality nuts products at the most affordable prices to you, our valuable consumers, by processing the products that are costed at low prices from the appropriate market.

From the day it was founded, aims to keep the 15% commission paid to the marketplaces in the pocket of the consumer. It delivers the first class products in the field of dried nut products and the nuts it sells to the consumer perfectly.

According to the region of the product, it aimed to buy hazelnuts from Giresun, Roasted Leblebi from Kütahya, Pistachio from Gaziantep, Dried Apricots from Malatya, directly from the farmer who is the producer of the product, and present it to the consumer at affordable costs. logo

We would like to thank our customers for choosing us on the way we set out for this purpose.

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