How to identify genuine olive oil?

How to identify genuine olive oil?

Olive oil obtained after harvest from olive trees of Gaziantep region has a unique smell and taste.

Olive oil, which is frequently used in cooking, is a food that protects cardiovascular health. Olive oil, which balances cholesterol, is one of the healthiest oils. Olive oil, which is very popular in Turkish cuisine, doubles its taste when added to wraps, stuffed vegetables, vegetables and salads. However, as with butter and honey, counterfeit olive oil is produced. Fake olive oil seriously threatens our health. That's exactly why there are some tests you can run to see if olive oil is real. Here are the simple tests applied to olive oil: If you want to prepare delicious meals after checking whether the olive oil is genuine or not, you can examine our olive oil products from our regional products category.

Freeze Test

Genuine olive oil starts to freeze and crystallize when it stays between 0 and -6 degrees. So put a glass of olive oil in the freezer, leave it for half an hour and then take it out. If all the olive oil in the glass is frozen, it is genuine. However, if some of it is frozen and some remains liquid, it may not be real.

Water Test

Put a glass of warm water and add a small amount of olive oil to it. Real olive oil rises above the water by creating bubbles and stays on the water surface. Fake olive oil rises to the surface of the water without bubbles. After a while, it starts to mix with the water.

Spirit of Salt Test

Fill half a tea glass with olive oil. Add spirit of salt until the glass is full. Even though the glass is full, it is true if it does not integrate with the spirit of salt and retains its yellow color. If the olive oil is fake, the color of the liquid will begin to turn pink.

Taste Test

You can do a taste test to see if the olive oil is real. Taste a teaspoon of olive oil. Real olive oil leaves a burning sensation in the throat and this feeling does not go down to the stomach. If olive oil burns your throat, it's real.

Smell Test

Olive oil has a dominant olive scent. If you smell olives when you smell it, it is real. However, if you smell like paint, the olive oil is fake and oxidized. Such oils should be avoided.

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