What is Rice Hazelnut? How to do it? What to do with Rice Hazelnuts?

What is Rice Hazelnut? How to do it? What to do with Rice Hazelnuts?

3-5 mm chopped rice hazelnuts means the hazelnuts are chopped into small pieces after being separated from their shells. Such finely chopped hazelnuts can be used in various dishes, desserts or cakes to enhance their flavor and texture. You can also enjoy it by sprinkling it on ice cream, yoghurt or coffee.

How to make Chopped (Rice) Hazelnuts at home?

To make 3-5 mm chopped hazelnuts, you can follow the steps below:


  • Hazelnuts separated from their shells


  1. Separate the hazelnuts from their shells. You can use a nut cracker or similar tool to remove the shells.

  2. Place the cleaned hazelnuts on a cutting board.

  3. Using a knife or chopping tool on a cutting board, chop the hazelnuts to the desired size. Chop it finely to 3-5 mm in size.

  4. Collect the chopped hazelnuts in a bowl and save them for use.

You are now ready to add 3-5 mm chopped hazelnuts to your meals or desserts. You can use these chopped hazelnuts in your recipes or consume them as a snack. They are used in making and decorating Rice Hazelnut Cake. Hazelnut Rice is produced by cutting live hazelnuts into 2-4 mm or 3-5 mm pieces. Rice Hazelnut is used extensively in decorating cakes and other confectionery products. Hazelnut Rice, which has recently been actively used in ice cream products, is consumed widely in the confectionery industry.


You can decorate any confectionery product with Hazelnut Rice and evaluate it in terms of adding flavor to the product you make. The most important feature sought in rice hazelnuts is the harmony of taste, freshness and caliber. Chopped rice hazelnuts are a versatile ingredient that you can use in many different dishes and dessert recipes to enrich and add flavor to your foods. .

Rice Hazelnut Chocolate

In the image above, you see a chocolate product made using rice hazelnuts. It is widely used in the chocolate industry. Caliber harmony adds both visual order and quality to the product.

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