Fresh Pistachios

Fresh Pistachios

Fresh Pistachios | I'm Peanut

Gaziantep pistachio no one knows. After the delicious peanuts are roasted with salt, it comes to your snack plates. Fresh pistachios It is at least as delicious and indispensable as its roasted form.

Fresh Pistachios

What Are Fresh Ben Peanuts?

It is the fresh and unprocessed form of pistachios collected from the tree.

Fresh Pistachio Season/Period

From the end of August to the end of September, within a period of 1 month, around Gaziantep peanut harvest is done. While most of it is roasted and taken to warehouses for consumption throughout the year, some of it is offered for sale on daily counters.

In Gaziantep, peddlers in a grocery store, market, dried fruit shop or in a wheelbarrow they sell fresh Pistachio & Ben pistachio.

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