How Many Weight Should Henna Cookies Be Gained?

How Many Weight Should Henna Cookies Be Gained?

Henna cookies, which are among the indispensable products of henna organizations, are indispensable for henna. Cookies decorated with various tulle to distribute in henna are distributed to the guests during the henna process. There are many options in henna cookies such as salted peanuts, pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts and almonds. You can create your own cookies by including the products you request in henna cookies, completely at your own request. How many kilos should henna cookies weigh? Which products should be included in the henna cookie is one of the topics that people who will make henna are researched. You can choose the weight of the henna cookie according to your guests who will come to your henna. As an example, if there is a henna organization limited to 100 people, it will be enough to buy 10 kilos of henna cookies. If more guests are coming, you can buy up to 15 kilos of henna cookies.


Henna Cookie

Henna cookies are carefully prepared products to be distributed during henna seasons. These cookies, which are placed in stylish and modern bags, are distributed to the guests towards the end of the henna. There are many product alternatives that can be added to the henna cookie. Among these alternatives, you can have the products you want made separately.


Mixed Nuts

Recently in henna cookies mixed nuts products are often preferred. You can have the best and top quality mixed nuts and henna cookies made for your guests with luxury mix alternatives. When setting henna cookies, it is useful to use measure. You can adjust the nuts placed in small packages in equal amounts by making them within a certain size. Among the most preferred products among mixed nuts are hazelnut, almond and pistachio. Recently, products such as cashew nuts and corn with sauce have been added to make henna cookies ready.

Henna Cookie Core

Henna Cookie Prices

Henna cookie prices may vary according to the kilogram you will buy. At the same time, one of the most important issues affecting the prices of henna cookies is which products the cookie consists of. Luxury mix cookie and standard mix cookie prices are not the same. You can choose from among the mixed henna cookie prices that are compatible with your own budget, and you can buy them and distribute them to your guests.

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