The Healthiest Nut Varieties!

The Healthiest Nut Varieties!

"When we consume nuts in moderation, they have a great positive contribution to our body... Here are the benefits of delicious nuts that we consume with pleasure..."

Almond: Physical and mental fatigue resolves. Kidney, bladder and genital inflammation in the way expenses. Headaches relieves the liver and kidney pain.

Hazelnut: Gives strength to the body. It is the most important drug in lowering high cholesterol, which is the most important cause of heart diseases. (25.2%) It regulates metabolism with calcium, iron, carbohydrates, fat and zinc, which are beneficial to the human body, and ensures the development of bones. It is rich in vitamin E. It has a protective effect against anemia. It prevents the formation of cancer-causing factors or protects the body by neutralizing them after they occur.
Pistachios: There is no cholesterol in pistachios. It lowers the cholesterol level in the blood. It reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. Pistachios are 2 times superior to meat in terms of protein and 4 times superior to meat in terms of phosphorus. They reduce glucose absorption in the small intestine and prevent blood sugar from rising.

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